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With the RF2F RFoG Transmitter, Fiber can be originated at any point in the HFC system to feed new developments or sparse rural areas.
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    Run 5000 foot Fiber Drops Expand to New Customers






Coax to Fiber Tap

Low Power 1550 Transmitter and  Receiver

An answer on how to Extend your plant into 4 homes per mile with a ROI of as little as 6 months


Now in 4 Versions:

  • Single output  3dBm

  • Dual Output  0 dBm per output

  • Quad Output 0 dBm per output

  • 8 Output 0 dBm per output

At the end of almost every feeder line there are  a few more customers that could be fed with a system extension but the cost is prohibitive.  It is estimated that there is an average of 2 potential customers within 2000 feet of every end of line.  The RF2F comes with a single, dual, quad or 8 outputs to easily and inexpensively extend your system at an average cost of $500.00 per customer

In addition every system has a  few potential customers located too far from the coaxial plant to serve.  Now with 4Cable’s RF to Fiber taps this  becomes  easy to accomplish.  Simply add the RF2F unit in your feeder line, just as you would a regular tap and then run fiber from the RF2F to your customers home. 

On the side of your customers home you use a regular RFoG home unit and now you can easily serve customers up to 5000 feet from your coax plant.

Each RF2F unit   include a low power (3dBm) 1550 nm transmitter, a 1310 receiver, WDM, plug in changeable directional coupler, and an AC power supply all in a small die cast housing.

Options  include a 2 output unit with a built in 2 way fiber splitter, a higher output unit with a built in 4 way fiber splitter and a 8 output unit.

RF2F Business Justifications

  1. Almost every end of line has an average of 2 potential customers within 2000 feet;
  2. Cost single install;
    1. RF2F-mini-1way                     $600.00          
    2. R-ONU  1 each                       $135.00          
    3. Fiber  6 count 1000 ft              $240.00
    4. Misc Boxes connectors          $  50.00          
  3. Total per customer       $1025
  4. Cost Dual install;
    1. RF2F-mini-2way                     $690.00           $690.00
    2. R-ONU  2 each                       $135.00           $270.00
    3. Fiber  6 count 1000 ft              $240.00           $240.00
    4. Misc Boxes connectors          $100.00           $100.00
  5. Total per customer       $650.00
  6. Cost Quad install;
    1. RF2F-mini-4way                     $995.00           $995.00
    2. R-ONU  4 each                       $135.00           $540.00
    3. Fiber  6 count 1000 ft              $240.00           $240.00
    4. Misc Boxes connectors          $100.00           $200.00
  7. Total per customer       $493.75
  8. Income;
    1. Installation Income                                          $100.00
    2. 1st Month cable and Internet Income $  85.95
    3. Net after 1st month Income                            $  50.00
  9. ROI;
    1. Quad install                                                     6 months
    2.  Dual Install                                                     10 months
    3. Single Install                                                    17 months
  • Potential 20% increase in subscriber count;
  • With the market value of a subscriber between $3,600 to $4,500 a high return on   perceived  value;
  • Minimal or no engineering cost;
  • 1 day installation;
  • Pole attachments are classed as drops, no engineering fees;
  •  Only connect customers that are pre-signed, time contracts are very possible, short ROI almost 100% guaranteed;
  • Perfect for hooking up business customers in business parks.

Version 1

·         1550 nm 3 dBm 1 GHz Transmitter

·         Built in 1550/1310 WDM  1550/1610 or 1550/1590 option

·        Wide band 1310-1610 Receiver

·       SC/APC Connector Standard






 The 4Cable TV RF2F Mini is designed to take the place of a normal RF tap but instead of a coax output , the output is fiber.  This allows you to go up to 5000 feet from your feeder line to serve a distant customer.  Almost every system has a few places where this unit can be deployed either to serve a new customer or to replace long coax drops with amplifiers that are prone to problems.

RF2F Mini  Download Manual